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ThinkPad University is the new home for students and faculty looking to get the most out of their Lenovo tech. With new insights, product updates, and trending tech news, we’re looking to expand the horizons of modern education. Sign up today to ensure you never miss out on the latest from Lenovo.


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Iota Theta

Say hello to our not-so-secret, secret society. When you sign up for TPU, you’re automatically inducted into Iota Theta, where you can see new content created to boost your school’s approach to education in the modern age.

AI & Big Data Infographic

From providing personalized student support to identifying areas of optimization for administration, AI and big data are crucial to your success. See how with this handy visual.

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Looking to hit the books on what modern education looks like? Head over to our Academics page to watch case studies, learn about the latest devices, and study up on how Lenovo aces Higher Ed support.

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GNOMON Case Study

GNOMON School of VFX & Animation for Film & Games pushes the limits of imagination. Watch their case study to see how Lenovo makes it all possible.

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Student Life

Is TPU a real school? Nope. Do we have a real student union? Also nope. But we do love helping your students improve their experience outside of the classroom. Check out this page dedicated to doing just that.

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UNC Esports

The hottest sport on campuses across the country? It’s not basketball, or baseball, or even football. It’s esports. See how we helped UNC Chapel Hill’s team connect like never before.

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Campus Security

At TPU, we’re serious about campus security. So serious, in fact, that we have a whole collection of assets that give you insight into the best ways to protect your students, faculty, and staff—even while remote.

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ThinkShield Solutions

Whether you’re looking to secure your school’s data, devices, or network, the ThinkShield suite of solutions has the right protection for you. Get the rundown with this handy download.

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Campus Tech

At TPU, we bring best-in-class campus tech engineered to help your students, faculty, and staff achieve more than ever. From workstations to our Campus Computing Program, see what works best for you.

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Device Matchmaking

Want to find the perfect device for your school’s majors and workflows? Explore the Subject Application Chart to choose the right solution.

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