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Why Lenovo
Why Lenovo for Higher Education

Driven by passion for exploration and innovation, Lenovo helps colleges and universities keep pace with evolving tech trends, demands, and dynamics.

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Making the Grade

Looking to provide your students, campus classrooms, or labs and bookstores with the latest, mobile high-octane tech? Explore devices designed for excellence.

Slim Down Your Course Load

The ThinkPad P1 was perfected for engineering, data processing, media entertainment, and software development needs. And, with its lightweight build, your backpack will thank you.

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Power Your Projects

Built for ultimate performance and power, the ThinkPad P53 is VR ready and optimized for even the heaviest of course loads—including AR/VR projects. Engineering, computer science, and software development students, take note.

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From Gen Ed to Senior Thesis

Built to last the entire collegiate career, the ThinkPad P53s and P43s offer power, performance, and reliability—everything computer science and engineering students need.

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Case Studies

See how other higher education institutions use Lenovo to solve critical tech demands.

Neumont College

Neumont College praises Lenovo's consistent performance and quality that allows them to teach the best in tech with the best of tech.


See how the GNOMON School of VFX & Animation for Film & Games pushes the limits of possibility with Lenovo Workstations.

Study Guides

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Creating A Connected Campus

Need some guidance on turning your campus into a more connected learning environment? This guide is a great place to start.

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Workstation Product Guide

Some departments require more power and performance from their tech. Learn how our workstation portfolio delivers.


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