Get To Know TPU

By now you’ve probably explored our academics and got a little taste of our student life. But here, you can learn a little more about what makes TPU a special place.

Finding Your Way Around

Here's a bit more about some of the key buildings around campus.

1. Brighton House

Named after TPU’s own Dean Brightman, this hall acts as a bastion of knowledge, innovation, and awesomeness for IT Pros far and wide.

2. Desktop Dining Hall

The Library may have the brain food, but the “DDH,” as the students call it, has nourishment for the rest of our student body. It also has quite a few “byte” jokes, too. Fair warning.

3. Lenovo Library

If knowledge is power, then the Lenovo Library is a virtual power station. This is where students fill and flex their CPUs.

4. ThinkShield Field

This is where the fighting TrackPoints wage e-war against their foes. Behold as Tracky, the TPU mascot, leads our champions out of the tunnel, riding his noble battle mouse.

TPU Fun Facts

We love sharing campus innovation information with students. Particularly when it’s info bragging on us.

#1 Global PC Maker
#1 Worldwide Education Technology Provider
$45 Billion Fortune Global 500 Company


Just a few common questions we get about our prestigious institution.

Is ThinkPad University an accredited school?

Oh, definitely not. Not even a little. But we still know more about Lenovo, ThinkPad, and PC tech than any accreditation board.

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